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LORNA SIROTA has been practicing Hatha Yoga for over 20 years. Although Lorna has studied many methods of yoga, she teaches and practices the Iyengar method. Lorna teaches group classes, at all levels.


In addition to teaching yoga, Lorna has been a massage therapist since 1989. Her knowledge of and experience in bodywork enhances her ability to "see" the body and its imbalances. She guides and challenges each student in working towards his/her alignment of inner and outer balance.  As a massage therapist and yoga teacher, she has found these same restorative poses to be effective preparation for a massage. In fact, she now sets her clients up in supported positions, because it actually adds to the benefits of the massage.


Lorna continues to pursue her education with some of the world's most senior level yoga teachers.  Lorna's dedication to the Hatha Yoga system is reflected in her own yoga practice and her tangible and inspirational teaching style.  If you would like to learn more about Lorna and her current classes, please visit her Web site: